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Herbal plants and medicinal properties
Botanical Name :- Allium cepa
Indian name :- Piyaz
The Onion is a a beneficial herb usually grown in annual. All parts of the Onion produce a strong odour when crushed. the leaves are long , linear and hollow. The fruit is a spherical caspsule. Onion is one of the oldest cultivated herbs. The Sanskrit word for Onion is palandu which has been mentioned in the Garuda Purana. Onion is believed to have originated in Central Asia, possibly in Iran- Pakistan region. Onion has been used as a herbal remedy from time immemorial. It is high food value, moderate in protein content and rich calcium and riboflavin. Onion contain an essential oil and organic sulphides.
Properties :- Onion has great therapeutic value. They are stimulants and mild counter-irritant. It has been used as a herbal remedy for centuries in colds, coughs, bronchitis and influenza. Onions are well-known for their easily assimilable iron content. They are therefore beneficial in treating anaemia. Recent researches establish that the Onion as an effective preventive against heart-attacks. It is an effective remedy for cholera also. Onions are highly beneficial in the treatment of the disorders of urinary system. Onions are very effective in bleeding piles. Other uses of this herbs are teeth disorders, ear disorders and tuberculosis.