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Herbal plants and medicinal properties

Botanical Name :- Taraxacum officinale
Indian Name :- Kukraundha or Kanphool
Dandelion is a hardly perennial herb and a tasty salad vegetable The flower stems of this plant grows up to a height of 30 cm. The sharply-toothed leaves from flat rosettes on the ground.. The common name dandelion comes from the French dent de lion, meaning lion's tooth and refers to the dentate leaf edges. A very common plant ,dandelion grows wild almost everywhere. Dandelion is a native of Europe. In India it is found through Himalayas. Nutritionally, the dandelion has remarkable value. It contains almost as much iron as spinach, four times a Vitamin A content. An analysis of dandelion shows it to consist of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Its mineral and Vitamin contents are calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, Vitamin A and C. Its calorific value is 45.
Properties:- The entire herbal plant is used by many herbalist, although the tea is usually brewed from its root, which are a tonic. It increases the secretion and discharge of urine and acts as a mild purgative. The juice of this herb is every effective for bone disorders. Dandelion benefits both liver and gall bladder in their vital role of handling fats within the body and aiding the detoxifying role of the liver. It is useful in the disorder of these organs. Dandelion can be used as a general body tonic for its influence in supporting waste function of bowels, bladder and skin . Dandelion is useful in the treatment of warts also.
Botanical Name :- Datura stramonium
Indian Name :- Dhatura
Datura is a bushy plant growing up to one metre in height. It has large egg-shaped leaves, very large white flowers and egg-shaped fruits covered with prickles. Datura is referred to in ancient Indian literature as shivashekherea because the flowers are believed to be associated with Lord Siva. It was known to be ancient Hindu physicians .They find the drug as an intoxicant, with emetic , digestive and healing powers. Smoking for datura seeds as a treatment for asthma was known during the Vedic period. Datura is indigenous to India. The leaves of the plant contain alkaloids.
Properties:-The dried leaves and seeds of datura are used as antispasmodic under critical conditions of asthma and whooping cough. This is mainly used for British and United States. Datura possesses properties analogous to those of belladonna. It counteracts spasmodic disorders and induces deep sleep. Datura herb is very useful in asthma, when the smoke from the burning leaves are inhaled. The leaves rolled like cigarettes can be smoked to relieve from asthmatic attacks. Datura fruit is a specific remedy for phlegmatic and bilious type of malarial fever. Other uses of this herb is in heart disorders, earache, baldness, problem of breast milk secretion.
Botanical Name:- Anethum Sowa
Indian Name :- Sowa
Dill is an annual or biennial herb. It has smooth surface , finely dissected leaves, small yellow flowers and elliptic, flattened fruits. The single stalks grow to a height of 1 meter. Dill is native to the Mediteranean region, South Raussia and Scandinavia. It has been in the cultivation for more than 2,000 yrs. and is now grown widely in Asia minor, North Africa, India and in all other countries. An analysis of of Indian dill shows
Properties :- Dill leaves are stimulant. They are useful in increasing secretion and discharge of urine and in counteracting spasmodic disorders. They are a soothing medicine and help to improve the functioning of the stomach. This herb is used regularly to avoid digestion and prevents constipation. This herb is specially useful for children. Dill oil obtained by the distillation of the seeds , is also an effective medicine for hyperacidity, flatulent colic, hiccup and diarrhoea due to indigestion. Dill is useful in stimulating and regulating menstrual flow. It is effective in spasmodic menstrual pain in girls and absence of menstruation due to anemia.