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Herbal plants and medicinal properties
Botanical Name :- Trigonella foenum graecum
Indian Name :- Methi
Fenugreek is an erect, strongly scented, robust, annual herb about 30 to 80 cms. high. It has compound leaves of light green colour. The seeds are brownish-yellow and have a peculiar odour. Fenugreek is a native of Eastern Europe and Ethiopia..
Properties :-Fenugreek has excellent medicinal virtues. Its regular use helps the body clean and healthy. The leaves of Fenugreek are aromatic, cooling and mild laxative. The seeds are exercise soothing effect on the skin and membranes, relieving any irritation of skin and removing the swelling and pain. They are the best cleansers within the body and highly a soothing agents. Fenugreek leaves are beneficial in the treatment of indigestion, flatulence and sluggish liver. Fenugreek seeds can also be taken for diabetes. The normal dose is 2 teaspoons of powdered seeds taken daily in soup or milk. Fenugreek seeds are useful in the removal of dandruff also. Other uses of Fenugreek is in the treatment of anaemia, fevers, stomach disorders, respiratory infections, Bad Breath and Body Odour