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There is more to ayurvedam that
meets the eye.
There is more to www.ayurvedam.com
than meets the eye.

Ayurvastra, fabric which is dyed using various ayurvedic herbs, sandalwood, neem and turmeric, is climbing the popularity chart as with people becoming increasingly health conscious world over. Now it is not only sarees , dress materials and bedsheets made of these fabric which are of great demand but also purdahs made of ayurvedic herbs are being exported to Saudi Arabia following demand from women of the royal family. The ayurvedic fabric have various medicinal properties and when they are dyed with the fabric, it gives a cooling effect. They are good for various skin disorders, asthma and some other ailments.The technology being used for making ayurcloth(ayurvastra) is being utilized for making coir mats, mattresses, doormats, carpets, jute and silk.Many are now coming forward for tie-ups with the society to make ayurvredic wool.