Other Names of


  Lation        Punica
Sanskrit Daadima
Malayalam Thalimathalam
Telugu Daanimma
Kannada Daalimbe
Urdu Anar

Because of its many seeds, the Pomegranate has long stood as a symbol for fertility. A refreshing delicacy ,it is loved by those who dwell in hot, thirsty lands. The plant grows wild in Syria and Persia and is cultivated in Israel where 3,000 tons a year and grown annually. It is a shrub or small tree that can grow as high as fifteen feet, with a straight stem reddish bark and plenty of spreading branches. The dark green leaves are highly polished and the pomegranate flowers are red. When ripe, the fruit is about the size of an orange, has a thick maroon jacket enveloping the pulp. Presently good quality pomegranate comes from Turkey, Iran, Afganistan Syria, Morocco and Spain. In India, Sholapur is famous for juicy pom \ egranate fruit known as Anar In Turkey, Pomegranates are served during important feasts.


At the Lipid Research Laboratory of Haifa's Rambam Medical Canter, Dr.Michael Aviram, has researched ways to prevent and break down the deposits of cholesterol in the arteries___arteriosclerosis___that cause strokes and heart disease. Searching for natural antioxidants, he says he tested "many different substances before focusing on the Pom egranate ".Its juice, he found contains a particularly powerful antioxidant, a flavonid, affective at fighting heart diseases.

Recent researchers have found that patients likely to be posted for coronary bi-pass surgery can be saved to a great extent simply for drinking pomegranate juice. The primary Dr.Ephraim Lansky of University of Pennsylvania - trained physician, with a doctorate in psychology and biology, a qualified homeopathic physician and acupuncturist is currently marketing Cardiogranite; a juice concentrate which he says combats high cholesterol. He is also developing a cosmetic line of anti - aging creams, massage oils, masks and toners, using oestrogen - rich extractions from Pomegranate seeds and peel. As a practicing homeopathic professional, he prescribes pomegranate juice for fever and gives it to menopausal women for hot flashesHe suggests that research man prove the pomegranate is a virtual cure - all. Its juice, flash, and even its skin he believes, contain properties to counter not only cholesterol, but aging, and perhaps even cancer and AIDS, as well…!

Medicine to the folk of modern world appears to be packs of chemicals made by one and prescribed by another to be taken by the suffer. But, the ancient wisdom off all countries prior to the dawn of science and technological advances maintained the tradition of keeping diseases away by consuming the right food, predominantly from the green world. They identified fruits, as pleasant to eat food that worked both at preventive as well as curative levels and saved man from diseases or the havoc could cause.



Pomegranate, whose main attraction has been as a fruit, is now coming in to its own as a modern medical resource. Ayurveda holds it with great reverence as a power full wholesome gift of nature against a long list of human ailments.Medicanal powers of the pomegranate are mentioned Greek mythology. Chinese mention pomegranate juice a a longevity drug.


According to Ayurveda, sweet pomegranate is Tridohaghnam.It checks thirst, burning sensation, and fevers. It is also useful in the treatment of diseases of the heart, throat and mouth. It is light, nutritious and an aphrodisiac .It has an auxiliary taste of astringency
and is a consistrictor. It is oily (Singdham). It improves intellect and strength.Pomegrante
which is acidic and sour, improves appetite, and taste. It is light and slightly increases Pitta. Pomegranate which is purly acid creates pitta and checks Amavaatha and Kapha